TT: Trucking Conditions Continue to Improve


Better days are in sight for trucking companies, reports, which quoted FTR’s vice-president of trucking, Avery Vise. But the recovery, adds Vice, is coming slowly.  

“Better days are in sight for trucking companies, but the market still needs to work through the tough combination of too much capacity and sluggish freight demand,” he said. 

“The May payroll jobs figures for trucking offered some encouragement that this transition is underway, but a healthier situation for carriers will require continued rightsizing of capacity and stronger volume. We still do not expect consistently favorable market conditions for carriers until early next year.”

Truckstop and FTR Transportation Intelligence for the week ended June 7 showed stable rates as load postings jumped sharply.

Rates were still down year over year across all equipment types, but are decreasing in line with seasonal expectations.

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