Trucking Workers Widely Satisfied With Industry Jobs: TT

The latest Today’s Trucking Pulse Reader Survey found that trucking industry employees reported an average 7.9/10 ranking of job satisfaction.

The survey also revealed that over 70% have not considered changing employers. Out of the 28% who did, 37% said they would work for another employer in trucking, 16% would change industries, and 47% would retire.

Forty-four percent of those surveyed have worked for three to five industry employers during their careers, reports TT.

The biggest factor that led respondents to their current employer was better pay (21%), followed by the promise of challenging or interesting work (15%), the company’s reputation (14%), career advancement (13%), and hours of work or scheduling (12%).

Other than increasing pay, an equal share of people (16%) cited benefits plans, bonus programs, and hours of work/scheduling as the top things their employers could improve to retain employees. Those were followed by management techniques (14%), training and advancement opportunities (12%), internal communication (10%), equipment condition and choice (7%), team activities (5%), and safety commitments (4%).

 Full results will be published in the June edition of Today’s Trucking.

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