Trucking Sees Biggest Gain in U.S.-NAFTA Freight Moves


U.S.-NAFTA freight totaled $103 billion in June as all five major transportation modes carried more cargo by value than during June 2013, according to new U.S. Transportation Department figures.

Of the 10.2% increase, the biggest gain so far this year, truck freight contributed the most, $4.4 billion, mostly as a result of an increase in the value of U.S.-Mexico truck freight.

However, truck movements also increased by just over 5% between Canada-US, carrying 53.7% of the $57.9 billion of freight to and from Canada; followed by rail at 15.5%, and pipeline at 13.3% — the share of the latter grew 35% compared to last year.

The top commodity category transported between the U.S. and Canada was mineral fuels, of which, 59.8% moved by pipeline.

Overall, trucks carry three-fifths of U.S.-NAFTA freight and are the most heavily utilized mode for moving goods to and from both U.S.-NAFTA partners. They carried 59.5% of U.S.-NAFTA freight in June 2014, accounting for $29.8 billion of imports and $31.4 billion of exports.

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