Trucking is Changing: CTA Launches Monumental Trucking Image Campaign


If you got it, a truck driver brought it.

The trucking industry’s diverse workforce – from drivers and dispatchers to mechanical technicians and IT developers – is the backbone of Canada’s economy. They transport the essential products, infrastructure supplies, food, and life-saving medicine that Canadians need.

Over the last several years, Canada’s truck drivers and transport workers have weathered storms, a global pandemic, disruptions to our supply chain; and yet, through all of this, they have emerged as Canada’s heroes.

To showcase the amazing people who make our industry great and the evolving opportunities it provides, the Canadian Trucking Alliance and dozens of industry partners today launched the largest public relations social media campaign in the industry’s history.

The campaign – which is aimed primarily at Millennials and Gen Z as they embark on new career paths – consists of multimedia that are inspirational and aspirational while highlighting the opportunities and innovations throughout the industry.

Through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tik Tok, the campaign will rely on several themes and concepts expected to be effective in capturing the attention of young people as they make important career choices, including: the benefits of working in a diverse, high-paying, modernized industry that is committed to highway and public safety; green technology innovations; specialized training and professionalism; flexibility and work-life balance; a sense of community, belonging and charity; and the status of being part of an industry that is essential to maintaining Canadians’ way of life.

“Trucking today is nothing like trucking in the past. Through advancements in green technology, safety innovation and modern efficiencies – as well as the freedom and flexibility it provides – the industry has made great strides in attracting young people to our profession,” says Jean Claude Fortin, chair of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. “Like many other sectors in a very competitive labour market, the trucking industry is facing an acute shortage of workers. What we are saying with this campaign is that we understand the needs and value systems of young Canadians and we are open for business and on the lookout for new talent.”

The industry’s messages, which are being promoted on the social media timelines of target audiences across Canada, consist of dozens of text-based and animated images and videos focusing on themes such as:

  • Truck drivers and their critical roles in a post-pandemic recovery;
  • Opportunities in advanced international logistics systems, vehicle systems and data analytics;
  • Picking the right company that fits specific lifestyles and responsibilities;
  • How automation will assist drivers and make their jobs easier, not replace them;
  • The industry’s coordinated effort toward greater diversity and supporting inclusivity;
  • How working in trucking means working in the greenest commercial transport sector in Canada;
  • And companies who, individually or in partnership, are involved in many charitable initiatives across Canada.

CTA members are encouraged to use the campaign’s multimedia messages on their own social media platforms. To download individual copies of text and animated posts; the ‘hero’ video; branded homepage banners; instructions of how to post and share and pre-written messages to copy and paste, please click on the Dropbox link here.

“As it has become abundantly clear – especially during the pandemic – that people, government, businesses, and the country as a whole now realize how much we all need the trucking industry and truck drivers,” says CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “They are all counting on us to do the job right and to do it professionally and safely. I think we have lived up to the task and I think this campaign will show Canadians who we are today as an industry and some of the amazing things carrier companies are doing to attract new, skilled talent.”

Audiences who catch the campaign messages on social media or in print throughout public spaces will be directed to a landing webpage – – with more information about the campaign and the industry. If visitors are interested in any of the dozens of job opportunities the industry offers, they can input their contact info, which will be collected by CTA and its industry partners. Employers on the lookout for talent in a variety of fields can then follow-up with potential career seekers.

CTA expects the campaign to roll out over several years and will adapt its messaging based on market research and feedback.

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