Trucking HR Canada Releases Snapshot of Truck Driver Employment


Trucking HR Canada released today a labour market information update, providing a current snapshot of truck driver employment in Canada.

Trucking HR Canada’s labour market information initiative provides the most comprehensive data and analysis available and is produced specifically for the trucking and logistics industry.

“We have seen significant changes in employment both with the truck driver occupation and the industry as a whole resulting from the pandemic,” says Craig Faucette, director of policy and programs at Trucking HR Canada. “Trucking HR Canada is continuing to monitor changes in the labour market to ensure the industry is aware of these latest trends.”

Today’s labour market snapshot includes Trucking HR Canada’s analysis of the most recent Labour Force Survey data (October 2020) obtained through our customized data requests, to provide our industry with up-to-date, relevant, and reliable labour market information specific to our sector and its key occupations including truck driver employment specifically.

Although truck driver employment fell significantly during the first stage of the pandemic, it has recovered substantially to the point that the unemployment rate is well below the Canadian average.  The upward trend in employment is even higher than we had predicted in our revised Covid-19 labour market forecasts, signalling that a return to pre-Covid labour shortages could happen sooner than anticipated.

To read the snapshot, click HERE.

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