Trucking HR Canada Releases New Labour Market Snapshot 

Trucking HR Canada released today a labour market information (LMI) update, providing a snapshot of truck driver employment in Canada.

Trucking HR Canada’s LMI initiative provides the most comprehensive data and analysis available and is produced specifically for the trucking and logistics sector.

Today’s labour market snapshot includes Trucking HR Canada’s analysis of the most recent Labour Force Survey data (May 2021) obtained through our customized data requests, to provide our industry with up-to-date, relevant, and reliable labour market information.

Employment of truck drivers has rebounded to pre-COVID levels with the seasonally adjusted employment of drivers higher than the occupation’s 10-year average by about 11,100 jobs.  Although the pandemic had an initial impact on employment during the first wave, employment has rebounded, and the second and third wave has not resulted in a similar drop in employment. This indicates the occupation has already returned to similar pre-pandemic shortages. The pressure on trucking companies’ recruitment, training, and retention initiatives is thus not going away anytime soon.

“Our industry remains vital to the economy – we know the longer it takes to better address driver shortages, the longer it will take for us to see a full economic recovery” says Craig Faucette, Director of policy and programs at Trucking HR Canada.  “We continue to actively monitor changes and challenges in the labour market to ensure the industry is well informed, which is why our LMI employer survey is a crucial next step.”

We just launched the 2021 Employer Survey – to help uncover further data on employment changes resulting from COVID-19, expected challenges moving forward, and what supports employers need for the future. Trucking HR Canada invites all owners and HR professionals of trucking and logistics companies across Canada to have their voices heard by participating in the survey. All participating organizations will receive an invitation to an exclusive early release briefing of the survey results for 2021.

To take the 2021 Employer Survey click HERE.

To read the LMI snapshot, click HERE.

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