Trucking HR Canada releases Latest Labour Market Snapshot

Trucking HR Canada (THRC) released its quarterly Labour Market Information Snapshot today with the latest data showing that the trucking and logistics industry may be headed back into a tighter labour market, especially for drivers. Here are some key findings from the report:

  • Employment in trucking and logistics decreased by 4.8% in 2023 compared to 2022 and employment continued to decline from February to April, but increased by 18,200 jobs in May.
  • Unemployment in trucking and logistics fell from 4.6% in March to 4.1% in May.
  • Transport Truck driver employment increased steadily over the first five months of 2023, with a total employment of 305,000 by May.
  • Unemployment among Transport Truck drivers increased to 6.5% in April, but it decreased in May with 3,100 fewer job seekers.

THRC has launched an employer survey to identify the challenges faced by trucking and logistics companies, and support the industry in addressing both ongoing and emerging labour market issues. The English survey can be accessed here, and in French survey here.

This full report can be accessed here, and the French report here.

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