Trucking HR Canada Launches Resource to Support Employers in Addressing Workplace Mental Health


Trucking HR Canada has released a new resource, Gearing up for Workplace Mental Health, to support trucking and logistics employers in addressing employee mental health in their workplaces.

The guide brings together best practices and resources to help fleet employers, whatever their size and service-delivery model, to provide mental health resources in their organizations — on the road, in the office and in the yard.

In the guide employers can find:

  • Information for learning more about workplace mental health and wellbeing, and developing an action plan to support and make it a priority in their fleet
  • Best practices from Canada’s Top Fleet Employers
  • A list of resources

As part of the project, funded through a grant provided by the Government of Ontario, Trucking HR Canada will also be hosting a webinar and in-person workshop.

The webinar, being held on January 29th, will share best practices to help employers understand, plan and act to support mental health in the workplace, as well as an introduction to the new Employer Resource Guide, Gearing Up to Support Mental Health in the Workplace. 

The in-person, half day workshop, taking place on February 19th in Toronto, will take a deeper dive and is geared towards managers in the industry looking to take leadership on the topic in their organizations and will provide insightful tips, learnings and an interactive discussion on actual situations in the workplace.

“Recruitment and retention best practices include an increased focus on employee wellness, which includes mental health.” Says Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada, “The Gearing up for Workplace Mental Health resources can help employers of all sizes whether they are just starting out, or they are looking to improve their current practices.”

To register for the Workshop or Webinar visit our events page here.

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