Transportation Minister Mulroney: Truck Drivers are the Unsung Heroes


Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney delivered the opening remarks at the recent Ontario Trucking Association executive conference in Toronto in which she thanked the industry for its invaluable contribution to the economy.

“Truck drivers are the unsung heroes, who continue to ensure our supply chains are strong,” she said. “Across our province, you will find truck drivers working tirelessly to deliver everyday essentials that Ontarians rely on. The reality is, without your hard work, our store shelves would be empty, making life more difficult for people.

“The last few years have highlighted the integral role you play in keeping Ontario’s economy moving.”

Mulroney commented how cooperatively government and OTA have worked together to improve supply chains and make highways safer, citing specifically, the introduction of mandatory ELDs, which will be enforced in Ontario on Jan. 1.

She also spoke about joint efforts to reduce red tape across the sector, a new online service to renew CVOR certificates, investing in the infrastructure, such as the expansion of rest area developments in Ontario’s history and enhanced road safety initiatives in the northern parts of the province.

She remarked on the government’s plan to build Ontario – “an ambitious plan to build more highways, roads, bridges, and public transit in every corner of this province.”

“This will help get transport trucks out of gridlock and get goods to market faster … while improving the quality of life for truck drivers that dedicate themselves to this profession every single day.”

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