Transport Minister Takes Boat Tail Case to Provinces

Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says she supports aerodynamic boat tail devices on heavy trucks and has informed the Canadian Trucking Alliance she will raise the issue with provincial transport ministry officials.

Transport Canada recently amended the federal rear under-ride manufacturing standard which paves the way for the introduction in Canada of full length boat-tails – environmentally-friendly, rear trailer aerodynamic devices which reduce drag and GHG emissions.

With the ball now squarely in the court of the provincial governments, who have jurisdiction over truck weights and dimensions standards, Raitt tells CTA the topic will be on the docket at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety this fall.

CTA has been urging the provinces to respond as quickly as possible so the industry begin taking advantage of this technology nation-wide.

The Ontario Trucking Association believes Ontario is close to adopting the boat tail standard and is working closely with the MTO to see it through.

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