Transport Canada’s Commodity Supply Chain Table Questionnaire inviting feedback from Trucking Fleets

Transport Canada through its Commodity Supply Chain Table (CSCT)  is inviting carriers to take a few minutes to complete a questionnaire about the challenges industry the industry is facing as a result of COVID-19.   Responses are being accepted until close of business Monday June 1st and are anonymous and confidential.   Transport Canada will use this feedback to develop its next CSCT meeting agenda – date TBD.

The English questionnaire can be found here: Questionnaire

Le questionnaire en Français se trouve ici : Questionnaire

Background on CSCT:

  • The Commodity Supply Chain Table (CSCT) is a collaborative forum led by Transport Canada, where transportation stakeholders discuss current challenges and opportunities to foster dialogue and coordination across their supply chains.;
  • Participants to the CSCT exchange updates on the freight transportation sector, at the national and international level. Participants are strongly encouraged to provide updates about their industry, for the information of the other contributors within the Canadian freight supply chain. Transport Canada shares its economic and transportation outlook for discussion as well;
  • The CSCT is continuously expanding its membership to better reflect the full range of stakeholders in our freight supply chains;
  • These collaborative discussions also serve as a consultation and engagement tool for Transport Canada, to better understand the perspectives of its stakeholders.
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