Toronto-bound Burlington Skyway Remains Closed Indefinitely

The Toronto bound lanes of the Burlington Skyway will remain closed until the MTO’s structural engineers determine that the highway is safe to reopen. While the ministry has not yet confirmed how long that will be, the OPP indicated earlier today it will be “a significant closure” with most media outlets suggesting it could be at least “several days.”

The bridge was significantly damaged this afternoon after a dump truck with its box raised  struck the overhead truss above the deck.

Carriers heading Toronto-bound on the QEW should expect significant delays until further notice and roadways in the Hamilton and Burlington areas are also expected to be backed up during busy daytime hours. It is unclear whether MTO or OPP have determined a formal detour route, but earlier today police were diverting traffic onto Red Hill Valley Parkway.

Structural engineers are currently on site assessing the damage and structural integrity of the bridge. The lanes cannot be reopened until the bridge is inspected and girders are repaired and engineers determine that the highway is safe to reopen.

An extended closure would affect carriers and travellers this  upcoming Civic Holiday weekend and also traffic heading to Toronto for this weekend’s Caribbean Carnival.

OTA is monitoring the situation and will be in contact with MTO officials about any traffic or closure updates in the coming days.

In the meantime, any questions regarding the expected length of closure can be directed to MTO’s Astrid Poei at 416 235 5340,, or my going to

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