Throne Speech Highlights Importance of Infrastructure, Labour, and Goods Movement as Ford Govt Establishes Plan to Build Ontario

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is applauding today’s Throne Speech and reintroduction of Ontario’s 2022 Budget, which provides a roadmap for investments in infrastructure and roads, attracting skilled workers, and addressing labour shortages, as the impact of inflationary pressures and supply chain concerns continue during an unsteady economic period.

Some of the highlights of the address by Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, included the importance of the Highway 413 project, the Bradford Bypass, and various other road and infrastructure projects promised in 2022 budget, adding that these projects will provide much-needed relief to some of the busiest transportation corridors in North America.

It was also stated that upwards of $11 billion in productivity is lost every year due to congestion and other road issues that impact the efficiency of transport trucks on Ontario roadways – further illustrating why the importance of efficient goods movement remains a top priority for the Ford Government.

The Throne speech reiterated the Ford Government’s intent to fill immediate labour gaps, including the need to build a highly skilled workforce by attracting newcomers and focusing on training, as the province continues to face a “generational labour shortage.” It was also stated that the rising cost of labour and supplies, would continue to lead to a corresponding growth in the cost of goods and services.

The Government of Ontario previously announced $15.1 million over three years in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), which nominates applicants for permanent residence who have the skills and experience to match Ontario’s labour market needs. The government is also relaunching the Second Career program as Better Jobs Ontario, which will now support a larger, more diverse range of Ontario workers, with $5 million in new funding in 2022–23 in addition to the nearly $200 million invested over the last three years.

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