The Next Big Thing in Trucking: Female Drivers

Tiffany Deering does not fit the gruff, CB radio-wielding, macho-man stereotype of a trucker.

The 28-year-old brunette from Delaware has driven a heavy-duty truck with a 53-foot trailer for just more than a year now.

She travels cross-country with her husband, John, delivering freight for Werner Enterprises. The duo, both military veterans, take turns driving 12-hour shifts, enabling the truck to legally move up to 24 hours a day.

When Deering pulls into a truck stop, people typically do a double take — including other truckers. “They’re like ‘Oh wait, you drive too?’ And they kind of step back for a second and they’re like ‘Oh! Really?’ and I say, ‘Yeah, I drive.'”

Deering is part of a cultural shift that is tearing down the connotations long associated with the trucking industry.

Full story from CNBC here

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