Thank a Trucker! Updated May 14


Message from CTA:

Are you proud of the extraordinary job truck drivers are doing during this crisis? Are you a member of the public who is grateful that your store shelves are being restocked because truck drivers continue to roll? Don’t be shy – tell them so on your social media platforms. Be sure to use the hashtags #thankatrucker #thankadriver Consider using some of the language below:

Thank you to all the women and men who drive truck and have stepped up to help us get through this crisis, protect Canadians and keep our economy moving.

Throughout history our nation’s truck drivers have been depended on to support the country in our time of need. Once again, they have answered the call.

Like the saying goes, “if you got it, a truck brought it”. Remember those words as you wait for store shelves to be restocked with food, emergency relief supplies as well as vital medical and sanitation products we need to combat the spread of this virus. 

As a society we enjoy an unparalleled level of security and certainty because of the sophistication and reliability of our modern supply chain. In large part, it is the professional driver that ultimately makes it happen. 

Truck driving is an essential service. Please treat these front-line workers with the upmost respect and dignity they deserve and thank a trucker for the amazing job they are doing during this critical time.

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