Survey: Loading and Unloading Flatbed Trucks at Shipping Sites

CTA is looking for input from flatbed carriers.

Recently, the Occupational Health and Safety Directorate (Federal Labour Program at ESDC) issued a Hazard Alert (see below) regarding loading and unloading flatbed trucks at shipping and receiving site. However, for many this is not a new issue and has been a source of concern for some time.

With that being said, now that federal government has officially flagged this issue as a priority, we have a real opportunity to work with the Labour Program in this area. CTA is seeking feedback from flatbed carriers on the treatment of drivers during loading/unloading at customer facilities. We would like to highlight to the federal government the problem areas along with potential solutions that could help mitigate these types of incidents. In this, we are looking for a balanced approach. If you have customers that promote and create safe loading/unloading practices we would like to hear about them. On the flip side, we would also like to hear about unsafe shipper/ receiver policies or practices in this area.

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey and provide CTA with feedback. To take the survey, click here.

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