Support #ThankaTrucker With Custom Gear


Support #ThankaTrucker With Custom Gear

During these challenging times, the trucking industry has an opportunity and an obligation to highlight the herculean efforts of our tireless truck drivers and support staff who are keeping our supply chain moving.

CTA’s social media campaign, #thankatrucker, is meant to show the public and supply chain partners how grateful we all should be for the tireless women and men who are keeping stores restocked with food and essential supplies.

As part of the campaign CTA is making available for order #ThankaTrucker hats and t-shirts for your employees and customers. There is no better way to show support for the campaign and our dedicated truck drivers during this critical time. (Check out CTA chair Scott Smith sporting the gear and sending a message to our nation’s drivers here).

 Click here – ThankaTruckerFlyer_public – to order your own #ThankaTrucker shirts, hats and new TouchTool!

 Meanwhile, the social media campaign is in full swing. If you haven’t taken part yet, please be sure to join. It’s easy. Don’t be shy – all you have to do is tell our nation’s truck drivers how you feel about them on your social media platforms. Share any of these images or record a short, heartfelt ‘thank you’ statement or tell a story on video. Upload the image or video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with the hashtag #thankatrucker in your comments and please tag @Cantruck. Encourage others to do the same.

So far, many in the industry, politicians, media personalities and even a couple sports celebrities have sent shout-outs. 

check out CTA’s updated Thank a Trucker page  to see a collection of amazing messages of gratitude and support.

Our nation’s truck drivers are listening and believe it or not, your kind words and displays of support are blowing wind into their sails as they step up to help steer us through this crisis.

“Throughout history, Canadians have depended on truck drivers to support the country in times of need. Once again, they have answered the call,” says Marco Beghetto, VP, communications for the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

“As a society we enjoy an unparalleled level of security and certainty because of the sophistication and reliability of our modern supply chain. In large part, it is the professional driver that ultimately makes it happen.”

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