Study: Distracted Drivers Much More Likely to be in Collision

The most distracted drivers are nearly 72% more likely to be involved in a “near collision” than other drivers, according to new data insights released July 22 by Omnitracs.

As reported by Heavy Duty Trucking, the company said that the data analysis “clearly demonstrates that the most distracted drivers are less safe overall, commit significantly more fundamental driving errors, and drive faster than the speed limit compared to all other drivers.”

And despite laws limiting commercial drivers while driving to using only a hands-free phone, the report shows that “drivers who are distracted by mobile phones are three times more likely to drive 10 plus miles over the speed limit.”

More specifically, the analysis of in‐cab video and observation data — gathered over 29 billion driving miles — shows that distracted drivers are more likely than all other drivers to have a near collision, fail to stop at an intersection, and exceed the speed limit. Omnitracs also noted that this “confirms the widely held assumption that mobile devices are the predominant cause of distracted driving.”

Other significant conclusions include:

  • Truck drivers distracted heavily by mobile phones are involved in collisions at a rate 2 times higher than the least distracted drivers
  • Drivers identified as “most distracted” roll through stop signs and traffic lights at a rate 2.7 times higher than the least distracted drivers
  • Drivers distracted heavily by mobile phones had speed incidents of 10 plus mph over the speed limit at a rate 3.2 times higher than the least distracted drivers
  • Drivers identified as “most distracted” drift out of lane at a rate 2.3 times higher than those identified as “least distracted” drivers.
  • Drivers identified as “most distracted” fail to wear a seatbelt at a rate over 3  times higher than “least distracted” drivers

Full story here.

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