Streamline Prepared for New Canadian ELD Legislation  to Support Existing and New Customers

Transportation Solution Provider Streamline Transportation Technologies of Kamloops, BC, supports the Canadian ELD process and makes final preparations to be ready for the June 12, 2021 deadline.

“Electronic logs are nothing new to our organization, which is part of the 100-year-old Arrow Group of companies. We have been using electronic logs and related telematics services for over 20 years because it simply made our core company a much better operator,” says Mitchell Zulinick, President of Streamline. “Our key role in this industry today is to help fleets implement top tier technologies that make their operations compliant, safer and more profitable. It is our team’s passion and responsibility to effectively support fleets and industry through these times of change. We’ve known about the upcoming regulation for a long time, and on June 12, 2021 Streamline and our customers will be ready.”

‘The push for consistent compliance is good for transportation companies, their employees, their customers and our respective communities,” he continued. “Leading technologies allow us to be safer, more efficient and more environmentally and community responsible. We see this not as a burden, but as an opportunity for carriers to leverage best-in-class technology to improve. Streamline is ready to provide the necessary solutions and support for our customers today and for many years to come.”

Streamline’s team is able to provide a user-friendly solution for customers transitioning to an ELD for the first time, or those transitioning from an existing solution, adds Zulinick. “Effective onboarding, documentation, support tools and a great support team will help carriers manage this change as easily as possible.”

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