Shipper Bakes Kind Words For Truckers During NTW


Carriers across Canada spent last week holding events and incentives to thank the hundreds of thousands of men and women who drive the nation’s trucking industry. A few shippers also took the opportunity to show their appreciation to those entrusted with delivering their freight every day.

The most remarkable was Cookie maker Groupe Biscuits Leclerca of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, PQ, which issued a press release to remind Canadians who drives their business – literally.

The company says it moves 100 of its products and most of its ingredients by truck and is “proud to be onboard for National Trucking Week.”

President Denis Leclerc often reminds staff of how important trucks are to the business. States the press release:

“When the company first started out in 1905 the ambitions of great-grandfather Franois Leclerc had for the business he founded were limited by the distance a horse and cart could travel in a day to deliver products. Now 110 years later thanks to developments in the trucking industry and especially to the men and women who work in the industry day and night, Leclerc has grown to its full potential with a market presence that would have been unthinkable in the early years.”

Leclerc products are now sold all across North America and in 20 other countries.

“Leclerc is proud to celebrate National Trucking Week in its Canadian and American warehouses and to extend a warm thanks to all truckers. Leclercs seven warehouses will proudly display a banner of thanks during this special week. Each trucker servicing one of the warehouses during this time will also receive a free Leclerc product.

In addition the gifts come with a message to the driver’s children telling them how much the company appreciates the dedication and hard work of their parents.

The logistics team is committed to maintaining a solid relationship with the transportation industry in the years to come. The entire team at Groupe Leclerc extends its heartfelt thanks to all those working in the trucking industry who help to transport the company’s success ever further afield.”

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