SAVE THE DATE: OTA Exec Conference Slated for Oct 29-30


OTA’s 98th executive conference returns to downtown Toronto this fall, scheduled for October 29-30 at the Delta Hotel. 

This year, attendees can look forward to a revamped format, with more interactive business panels and technical sessions that are topical, informative, and inspiring, with some of the most motivational and entertaining speakers we’ve ever had. 

The OTA conference is a way to connect with peers and customers. New to the industry? Then the OTA conference will provide you with opportunities for face-to-face with industry leaders and potential customers. 

A not-to-be-missed event of the year! Let’s celebrate our 98th together in style. 

Registration details are coming soon; but in the meantime, check out our confirmed lineup of speakers and sessions:

Keynote Speaker: 

Emile Studham, founder & director of Performance by Design 

Build your company team and culture like a pro sports team! In his popular talk, Emile relates how putting together a competitive cooperate team is much like building a winning sports franchise. Emile has combined his expertise in Kinesiology, teaching, neuro-linguistic programming, and behavioural sciences to help Pro Sports teams & corporate organizations transition to a high-performing culture. His infectious passion for cultivating healthy, connected cultures, coupled with his extensive experience & practical tools, provide immediate results and sustainable impact.


The Evolving Freight Market and Changing Supply Chain 

The freight market and supply chain has changed a lot since the pandemic – is it changed forever? Some of the changes in freight lane flows, market capacity, manufacturing and near/offshore sourcing have been a result of volatility and acute disruption – others spurred on by tectonic shifts in technology and innovation. Are the changes temporary as the economic winds settle post pandemic, or is the freight market changed forever carriers constantly adapt in managing costs and finding new opportunities in the current market. Moderated by Today’s Trucking editor James Menzies, and sponsored by Newcom, this session will feature a panel of carrier executives and transportation market experts eager to discuss these issues and more with audience members.  

  • David Tumber, COO, Kriska Transportation
  • Mark Bylsma, president, Spring Creek Carriers,
  • Ron Uloth, VP, the Rosedale Group 
  • Avery Vise, VP-Trucking, FTR Transportation Intelligence 

How Digital Forensics Can Impact Your Business 

  • Lars Daniel, Practice Leader of Digital Forensics at Envista Forensics, Raleigh, NC.

In the digital forensics, the first contact with the digital evidence is a critical moment – and in the data collection phase, it is crucial that the correct extraction method is used to recover the data. Daniel helps companies understand digital evidence from mobile devices and ECM equipment and navigate the process of forensic analysis and data recovery to protect them during critical events, like collisions. Lars is the co-author of the book Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals: Understanding Digital Evidence from the Warrant to the Courtroom. Lars has qualified as an expert witness and has worked on over 600 cases involving violent crime, terrorism, intellectual property, fraud, wrongful death, employee wrongdoing and insurance losses.

The Future of Driver Training & Licencing in Ontario 

Despite all the advancements in truck technology, automation and driver assistance systems, truck safety is anecdotally getting worse in some parts of the province. Why? Is it a degradation in training, lack of enforcement or other factors. Undoubtably, the Driver Inc model of non-compliance is a major factor, but what else is at play and what can we do about it. An expert panel will present a vision for creating a safer, professionally skilled & sustainable labour supply for the trucking industry by reforming and improving areas related to driver training, onboarding licensing and deidentifying barriers in the way of this progress. 

  • Robyn Robertson, president & CEO Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)
  • Steve Newton, Sr. Director of Safety & Driver Development, Challenger Motor Freight
  • Brian Mather, Vice President, Transportation & Logistics, Northbridge Insurance 

Transportation AI 101

  • Murat Kristal, Program Director of the Schulich Tech MBA

In this insightful presentation, Murat Kristal, will delve into “AI 101”, exploring how artificial intelligence is transforming the transportation, logistics, and supply chain sectors. Beyond autonomous vehicles, which will undoubtedly spark lively discussions, the presentation will focus how even basic AI is revolutionizing businesses from within the office, in areas of fleet management, route optimization, predictive maintenance, and real-time cargo tracking. By highlighting Canadian innovations relevant to the trucking industry, this session will provide a practical overview of how AI is poised to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and profitability for Canadian truckers navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of logistics. 

 Sponsorship opportunities for OTA Convention are currently available to OTA members. 

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