Round Five: Next Gen Certificate Program is Back. Register Now!


The buzz you’re hearing is true: The OTA Next Generation Certificate program is an absolute hit. And now, by popular demand, it’s back and better than ever!

The Next Generation Certificate program kicks-off for its fifth consecutive year at Truck World on April 19. Register now to reserve your spot – the training is provided in small groups, so space is limited!

The Next Generation program is an intensive leadership development initiative for the industry’s future leaders, and delivered by the highly esteemed Humphrey Group, the objective of the four-part certificate program is to strengthen a new leader’s ability to inspire action in others – from drivers, to customers, to executive teams.

Topics covered during the 4-day leadership program include:

  • Engaging and Inspiring Others: Examining the connection between leadership and communication, and how to move beyond the role of “manager” to “leader”;
  • Developing an Executive Presence: How to engage audiences and to hold their attention using expression, tone, and an authentic presence;
  • Leading in Conversations: The ability to think on your feet, listen to others and influence people during challenging conversations;
  • Leading in Meetings: Recognizing the importance of every meeting as an opportunity to communicate key messages and drive action in others.

Jordi Wills from Wills Transfer Limited, a graduate from both the Next Generation and OTA-SEEC program, admits that the Next Generation program is a must for all professionals and future leaders in their organization:

“The focus on communication is really the bread and butter of all business interactions. You need to work from a place of confidence, clarity and understanding. My favourite thing about the course is the feedback the facilitators give you on your communication style. It will change the trajectory of the way you communicate for years to come. Wills Transfer is committed to sending all new leaders through this course.” 

Eligible members can register at a cost of $1700 per program (a discount of $500).

All registrants in the Next Generation program must be OTA members in good standing. Members can click to register now to join the program. To see and share full details of the 2018 program and more, download the brochure here: LEAD_NextGenbrochure2018_public.  You can also contact

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