Revisions to MTO’s 60-foot trailer Trial


OTA was advised MTO will be moving forward with some minor revisions to the 60-ft trailer Trial. The minor revisions are based on stakeholder consultations held with OTA and other groups this past summer.

They went into effect on Monday September 25, 2017 and include:

  • The Trial will no longer be restricted to the retail sector;
  • Permits will now be based on CVOR, rather than semitrailer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The permits will list all semitrailer VINs desired by the carrier to be included in the Trial, so participants would be able to increase their number of semitrailers in operation, so long as the number of trailers operating on the road at any one time is equal to the number of permits allocated to the carrier (still a max of 8 permits per carrier and a limit of 4 for first year of operation);
  • In recognition of industry’s investment in equipment, MTO is allowing a 10-year grandfather allowance at the end of the Trial, at the discretion of MTO.

While there have been some minor changes to the Trial it is still restricted to the following:

  • No single carrier may hold more than 8 permits and no shipper may be associated with more than 8 permits as part of the Trial;
  • No more than 40 permits (total for all carriers combined) will be issued under this Trial (To date 3 carriers are operating a total of 20 permits, meaning 20 permits remain open for application by additional carriers);
  • Carriers and their associated partner (shippers) are limited to 4 permits for their first calendar year in the Trial. After one year of successful operations, the carrier may apply for up to 4 additional permits. MTO reserves the right to deny additional permits;
  • Once carriers within the Trial have safely completed 3.2 million kilometres of travel within the Extended Semitrailer Configuration Trial, a full evaluation of the Trial will be undertaken by MTO.  MTO will make no decisions on next steps for these types of trailers until their analysis of the Trial is completed (OTA will be engaged in those discussions when they occur.  Based on current mileage accumulation it is anticipated the 3.2 million km could be achieved by end of 2018).

Click here for full details of the Trial conditions: Extended Semitrailer Trial Conditions – Amendments _public

OTA will continue to keep members apprised of all this file. OTA members with questions can contact operations&

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