Reminder: OTA Hosting Carrier Session to Discuss T.O. Downtown Delivery Plan

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has begun working with its members and other stakeholders to develop a freight delivery plan for the City of Toronto that reflects the needs of all of its members, the demands of the supply chain and the political realities within the City of Toronto.

To start this process, OTA will be hosting a meeting on Wednesday March 4 from 10 am – 2pm. Throughout the morning we are going to walk carriers through the various options and will be seeking guidance and volunteers to assist in the development of a study plan for freight delivery in the City of Toronto. This meeting will be an opportunity for carriers to plug themselves into the process, with a final goal towards providing the City of Toronto with concrete guidance in the development of a freight delivery plan.

Following lunch, OTA has asked MTO to provide members in attendance with a briefing on the upcoming Off-Peak pilot in the City and to provide details on potential road closures and other plans during the Pan-Am Games. In addition, Metrolinx will also being giving those in attendance an overview of their current initiatives.

For information on how to sing up for the March 4 meeting at OTA’s offices and for a copy of the agenda, please contact jonathan.blackham@

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