Reminder: City of Toronto seeking input on design of new Delivery Vehicle Parking Permit Program

As noted in mid-January, the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services team is developing a new Delivery Vehicle Permit program designed to support the delivery and courier industry and has recached out to OTA to solicit input on the programs design from the membership.

The goal of the new permit program will be to enable short-term parking on city streets to allow drivers to engage in loading and unloading of goods and/or merchandise in previously restricted ‘No Parking’ zones.

The initiative is aimed at reducing the number of parking infractions drivers and carriers incur as well as improve the management of curbside space in the City and increase the availability of parking space for drivers by unlocking access to ‘No Parking’ zones to delivery vehicles.

To assist the city in designing the program, OTA members are encouraged to complete a short survey by clicking here before Febuary 11th .

For additional details about the program, click here: Final Delivery parking Permit Feedback_public

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