Registration for OTA’s LEAD Programs Now Open!

Do you want to be part of the “big picture” within your organization? Looking for a path to build upon your skills as a leader in your workplace? If so, the time to invest in your future is now. Registration is now open for the Next Generation and OTA-Schulich ExecEd Leaders Certificate programs!

OTA’s original hit, the Next Generation Certificate program, is the premier leadership communication and networking program in the industry. Developed through a membership driven process and delivered by the highly esteemed The Humphrey Group, the program is an intensive leadership communication course for the future leaders of the trucking industry. The goal of the three-part certificate program is to strengthen a leader’s ability to communicate effectively and inspire action in others they work with – from drivers, to customers, to executive teams.

The program has served as a valuable platform for emerging professionals in the industry to connect and build relationships, network, and meet other likeminded individuals while learning valuable tools to continue to advance their leadership communication skills. Since 2014, the program has graduated over 300 participants from companies of all sizes from across Ontario and beyond.

All registrants in the Next Generation program must be OTA members in good standing. Members can click to register now to join the program.

Here’s what past grads had to say about the benefits of the program:

“Learning and development is a lifelong journey. The LEAD Committee and the OTA are delighted to offer the next generation of leaders a fast-growing and interactive approach to enhancing your leadership development. Having actively participated in both programs previously, these courses have given me the confidence and tools I needed to succeed, not to mention the building of wonderful friendships. These programs will continue to help us equip leaders with the knowledge and insight to make sound strategic and operational decisions which is critical to growing our essential industry.”

  • Sukhy Hayre, Controller, XTL Transport Inc., OTA LEAD Committee Co-Chair.

“Learning and development is a continuous process no matter how long you’ve been a part of the industry. The LEAD program speaks to this exceptionally well by offering relatable, current content developed specifically for OTA members. Not only does the program foster fantastic networking opportunities, but also the chance to connect on relevant, relatable topics in transportation and logistics. Having completed both the Next Generation & OTA-Schulich ExecEd programs, there is no doubt that they gave me the confidence and leadership skills to continue elevating my career and opportunities within it. I am thrilled the LEAD committee and the OTA can open these programs up again this year and I am excited to watch the success of program graduates for years to come.”

  • Stacey Large, Marketing Manager, Trailcon Leasing Inc., OTA LEAD Committee Co-Chair.

Developed in 2017 in partnership with the Schulich ExecEd at York University, recognized as one of the leading academic institutions worldwide, the OTA-Schulich ExecEd Leaders Certificate program is also back for 2023. Building off the foundation of the Next Generation program, the four-day program focuses on the theme of innovation with the intention of creating an innovative mindset within leaders and using that experience to drive innovation in the workplace.

Driving Innovation is a key part of the strategic planning process and is the number one strategic driver to help grow any business. Whether it’s launching new products, implementing new equipment, or improving IT or other operational systems, this program is ideal for future leaders looking at new ways to create value for their customers and organizations.

All participants in the OTA-Schulich ExecEd Leaders Certificate program must be graduates of the Next Generation Certificate program to register.

Next Gen graduates that meet eligibility for the program have already been sent an email invite which will allow participants to register for the OTA-Schulich ExecEd program for 2023.

To get a better indication of what the OTA- Schulich ExecEd program is all about, look at some of our group presentations from previous graduates:

Team 1: How might we deliver what the customer wants before they know they want it?

Team 2: How might we automate company processes to enhance employee productivity?   

Team 3: How might we exploit technology to enhance the customer experience? 

OTA members can register at a cost of $2025 for the Next Generation Program, and Next Generation program graduates can register for the OTA- Schulich ExecEd program for $2350.

For more information on both programs including program content and course schedule, you can view our brochure here: 2023-LEAD-NextGen-SchulichExecEd-Brochure_public

The Next Generation program begins in June and the OTA-Schulich ExecEd program in May, so register early to reserve your spot. Training is provided in small groups, so space is limited!

For more information on either program, please contact

For registration related issues, please contact

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