MTO is advising that effective Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Reduced Load Restrictions will go into effect on designated highways and Local Roads Boards roads located in Zone 1A and1B.

For more information about Ontario’s 2022 spring load restrictions, please visit – Truck and Bus Info.

Designated highways and Local Roads Boards roads in Zone 1A and Zone 1B are subject to Reduced Load Restrictions.

Designated highways

Highways affected are:

525 580 582 585 586 587 591 593 595 597 602 603 605

609 611 613 615 617 619 621 641 642 647 665 671 673

802 804 811

7048–Five Mile Dock Rd. 7102-Dock Rd.

7057–Willard Lake Rd. 7104-Ellek Rd.

7059–Longbow Lake Rd. 7125-Rockeries Rd

7069-Sunshine Loop Rd. 7171-Raith

Lac La Croix Rd (Flanders Rd. South)

Nungesser Rd.

516 30.2 km north of Jct 642, north to Hwy 599

527 32.1 km north of Jct Hwy 811 to end of Hwy 527

588 1.6 km south of Hwy 11/17, west to end of Hwy 588

589 9.6 km north of Jct Hwy 591, north to end of Hwy 589

594 Hwy 502, west to Hwy 17

596 1.0 km north of Hwy 17A, north to end of Hwy 596

599 62.0 km north of Hwy 17, northeast to end of Hwy 599

600 0.5 km north of Hwy 11, to Jct of Hwy 71

601 1.6 km north of Hwy 17 (west leg) to 5.0 km north of Hwy 17 (east leg)


(Dryden Airport)

608 1.0 km west of Hwy 61, west to Hwy 595

625 0.5 km south of Jct Hwy 11, south to end of Hwy 625

657 0.8 km east of Hwy 105, east to end of Hwy 657


Local Roads Boards roads affected are:

Thunder Bay

Armstrong Kenora Pearson Landing

Beaver Bay Aubrey East Pellatt No. 2

Crescent Point Bears Passage Pickerel Lake

Dawson Rd – Goldie Big Stone Bay Pratt

Devon Blindfold Lake Red Pine Ridge

Firehill Britton Redditt

Forbes Clearwater Lake Reef Point

Fowler Colenso, Redvers E. & Wabigoon E. Rowell

Gorham Cygnet Lake Road Rugby

Hardwick Dance Rush Bay- Woodchuck Bay

Hicks Lake Ena Lake Sherwood Lake

Inwood Engineer Lake Road Southshore

Jacques Eton Southwatten

Kabaigon Bay Ghost Lake Southworth

Lybster Gordon Lake Spohn

Lyon Inglis Lake Spruce Lake Road

Mabella Ingolf Storm Bay

Marks Kendall Inlet Sutherland

Mountain Bay Kenricia Tannis Lake (Gundy Lake)

Northern Lights Lake Kingsford Van Horne

Obonga Lake Laclu Wabigoon Redvers West

Perch Lake Manitou Rapids FN Wabigoon South East

Pine Ridge McCallum Point Wainwright


Polly Lake McConnell Lake War Eagle

Portage Bay McIntosh West Longbow Lake

Shebandowan Village McKenzie Zealand No. 1

Sibley Melgund Zealand No. 3

Stirling Minaki

Strange Mine Centre

Sunnyslopes Miscampbell

Sunset Lake Mutrie

Upsala Nanicost Centre

Ware Nelles

White Sand Lake Nickel Lake Shores


Current information is available at 1-800-268-4686 and web access is available at (Trucks & Buses /Notice to Truckers – 2022 Load Restrictions)

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