Recent Amendments to Schedule 1 Trip Inspections – Educational Period

Amendments were recently made to Regulation 199/07 under the Highway Traffic Act to clarify requirements and align with National Safety Code Standard 13 (Trip Inspection).

As of April 2018, the criteria in Column 3 (Major Defect) of Part 20 (Suspension System) of Schedule 1 has been updated. To clarify, more than one broken spring leaf in any spring assembly is a major defect, Part 20 in Column 3 now reads:

(b) Cracked or broken main spring leaf or more than one broken spring leaf in any spring assembly.

Commercial vehicle operators and drivers must ensure that a copy of Schedule 1, as reflected in the current regulation, is carried in the vehicle.

To facilitate industry transition and allow operators to deplete pre-printed stock, Ministry of Transportation enforcement officers will provide a 12-month educational period, ending March 31, 2019.

During the educational period, officers will accept Schedule 1 as it read immediately prior to the change in April 2018 or Schedule 1 as it reads currently in Regulation 199/07.

Drivers are encouraged to print off and carry a copy of updated Schedule 1 as soon as possible to ensure they are in compliance with the regulation. A printable copy of Schedule 1 is available here: Schedule 1_Educational_public

A printed copy of updated Schedule 1 may be carried in addition to the version contained in a bound preprinted driver’s logbook, inspection booklet etc., allowing operators and drivers to continue to use existing stock while complying with the regulatory requirements.

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