Quebec Spring Thaw Weight Restrictions – Zone 1 Ending Date Revised

The Ministère des Transports du Québec has announced that the end date of Zone 1 spring thaw weight restrictions is moved forward to Friday May 6th.

Each year, Quebec reduces weight allowances during spring thaw to reduce highway damage.  The province is divided into three zones with Zone 1 representing most of southern Quebec, and Zones 2 and 3 progressively further north.  The following 2022 dates, as provided by the Ministère des Transports, are subject to revision depending on actual weather and road conditions.  Updates to the predicted dates can be found at:   Carriers are encouraged monitor the Transports Quebec website for updates.

Zone 1 – Monday, March 21 to Friday, May 6 (inclusive)

Zone 2 – Monday, March 28 to Friday, May 20 (inclusive)

Zone 3 – Monday, March 28 to Friday, May 20 (inclusive)

A map of the three zones as well as spring thaw weight allowances can be found in Quebec’s ‘Load and Size Limits Guide’:

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