Quebec Spring Thaw – Temporary Covid-19 Exemptions for Certain Products

Spring thaw load restrictions continue to apply in Quebec, although certain products are now temporarily exempted.  The dates of the restrictions in each of the three zones can be found at:

The applicable spring thaw weight limits are found in Section 14 of Quebec’s “Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation” of the Highway Safety Code:,%20r.%2031

Effective March 25, 2020 and through to June 20, 2020, the following commodity exemptions apply:

Vehicles are exempt from spring thaw reductions when carrying only the following commodities:

– Foodstuffs

– Sanitary and medical equipment

– Pharmaceutical products

– Products necessary for the production of foodstuffs

While vehicles or combinations carrying these commodities are exempted from the thaw reductions – weights remain limited to the maximums set out during non-thaw (normal) periods.

Following is link to the Gazette officielle du Québec (published in French) supporting this change:

Carriers are encouraged to review the official Transports Quebec website on a regular basis to review applicable dates.

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