PQ Thaw Period Postponed in Three Zones

The projected dates for the 2015 thaw period in Quebec have been postponed in the three zones because of the persistent cold weather.

The projected dates are now the following:

  • Zone 1: Monday, March 30th – Friday May 29th
  • Zone 2: Monday April 6th – Friday June 5th
  • Zone 3: Monday April 6th – Friday June 5th

To monitor the situation and to be informed of any changes, please consult the “thaw zones and periods” page of the of the Ministère des Transports web site.

You can reach this page by selecting tabs: “Usagers – Véhiucles lourds – Dégel restrictions de charges – Période de dégel”.

PROJECTED dates represent most likely dates for the beginning and ending of each of the three zones. Depending on changing weather conditions, the beginning and ending of the thaw period can be forestalled or delayed.

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