OTA to Appear Before Heavy Tow Association Board Over Trucking Concerns

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) continues its campaign to assist carrier members in getting a handle on heavy-duty recovery rates in their region. So far, OTA members have submitted over 70 invoices, totaling over $700,000 in billing, to the association for review.

The issue has also caught the attention of enforcement officials, insurance brokers and the heavy tow recovery industry. Taking a proactive approach, the Ontario Recovery Group (ORG) has asked the OTA to attend an upcoming special meeting of their board.

“This action by ORG shows leadership and a commitment to work with OTA and our members to address concerns regarding roadside recovery business practices. OTA looks forward to the opportunity to exchange ideas with key leaders in the recovery industry to look for solutions and opportunities to create a joint action plan with OTA,” said OTA Chair Steve Ondejko.

OTA continues to collect invoices from its members in an attempt to compare roadside business practices with posted regional heavy recovery rates. OTA will collect invoices until September 2017.  OTA will then produce a public report outlining activity in the various regions in an attempt to identify any consistent rate irregularities through the OTA exercise.

OTA will not use corporate names of carriers or recovery companies in the public report. The draft report will be presented to the OTA Board of Directors, along with any recommended actions, in November 2017.

Member carriers interested in assisting OTA in this effort are asked to scan any heavy-duty recovery invoices they received in Ontario through 2016 and to date in 2017 and forward them to otatowing@

To participate in this OTA initiative, please click here.

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