OTA Summary of MTO’s SPIF Program Now Available 

MTO’s SPIF program has transformed the heavy-duty vehicle fleet in Ontario over the past 20 years.

Different groups of vehicles were addressed in four separate phases of the program with all pre-existing vehicles of each phase that did not meet SPIF standards provided a period of grand-father protection. Grandfather protection has already ended for a number of vehicles and, starting in 2021 through to 2026, grand-fathering protection that applied to a number of other vehicles will begin to sunset, while other vehicles could remain eligible for extended grand-fathering by permit.

Upon the sunset of grand-fathering vehicles not yet designed to SPIF requirements will see a reduction in their gross weight allowances.

To assist the OTA membership in tracking the multifaceted SPIF environment and the upcoming sunset of grand-fathering protections, OTA has prepared separate analysis’s for both tractor semi-trailers and straight-truck (and trailers) under the SPIF program.

The analyses are available to OTA members upon request. OTA members interested in receiving a copy can email:  w_and_d@ontruck.org

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