OTA Proud to Have Allies in Ford, Trudeau Backing Truck Drivers

The Ontario Trucking Association is cheering on Premier Doug Ford for sticking up for hard-working truck drivers who are being mistreated at shipping facilities and rest stops.

At a press conference, Ford mentioned how his government is working with the OTA in imploring businesses in the supply chain to respect truck drivers for their role in fighting the spread of COVID-19 and keeping store shelves stocked with food and essential products. He directly pleaded with businesses to “have a heart” and allow truck drivers to use washrooms and access to rest areas while on the job.

“My friends, we’re all in this together. You have to let the truckers, when they stop for (fuel), if they stop for food, let them use the washrooms. Clean your washrooms, let them use your washrooms,” Ford said to media. “If it wasn’t for the truck drivers, you wouldn’t even be open … So have a heart, you know, open up the washrooms for these truckers,” Ford said. “It’s not right, it’s not fair. They’re doing their job. It is absolutely essential to work with the truckers … let the truckers have a break.”

Watch Ford’s full comments in defense of truckers:

[youtubeVideo id=”IuJvdz_Jph4″ width=”300″ height=”350″ responsive=”1″ /]

OTA also applauds the Ford government and many members of his cabinet for their vocal support of truck drivers, including Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney.

Earlier this week, Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, had sharp words on Twitter for those who refuse to allow drivers to rest on their property, ban them from washrooms or fail to provide alternate accommodations.


“It’s a disgrace … We have thousands of truck drivers, delivering medical supplies or groceries, things that people in the province need. And, we have some businesses out there that are hanging signs up saying essentially drop off your load, but you can’t use the restroom,” McNaughton said.

The discussion of truck driver treatment has been spreading across the Canada and even reached the attention of the Prime Minister Trudeau, who yesterday tweeted his appreciation and tipped his hat to CTA’s#ThankATrucker social media campaign.

“Clearly, the essential role truck drivers play in steering us out of this crisis is on the minds of our political leaders and most Canadians right now,” says Marco Beghetto, VP Communications, CTA. “It is the moral responsibility of all business operators to show these amazing women and men just how important and appreciated they are for their role in keeping our society together in these challenging times.”

OTA is urging Canadians to take part in the national #ThankATrucker social media movement. It’s easy. Don’t be shy – all you have to do is tell our nation’s truck drivers how you feel about them and the job they’re doing in text or video on your social media platforms by using #ThankATrucker and tagging @Cantruck or @ontruck.


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