OTA-MTO ELD Webinar Series Continues Sept 13

 As the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) continues to prepare towards enforcement of the ELD mandate starting in January 2023, additional outreach and awareness activities are currently taking shape, including a monthly webinar series with OTA.  Carriers are encouraged to attend the next webinar with MTO officials scheduled for Tuesday September 13 at 1:30 pm EST. The webinars are free of charge and carriers can register here. They are aimed providing continuous updates on all aspects of MTO’s progress towards enforcement starting in January 2023.

During the last webinar hosted by OTA August 16, MTO officials provided an update on plans to enforce the ELD mandate in January 2023 as well as activities that are currently taking place to raise awareness of related requirements. Highlights included:

  • Application of the ELD Mandate — As a general guide, if drivers/carriers are required to complete a daily log under Hours-of-Service requirements in Ontario today, they will be required to use a certified ELD (requirements will be enforced in Ontario as of January 1, 2023). Unless exempt under provincial regulations, requirements will apply to vehicles (model year 2000 and newer as determined on the vehicles registration) that operate within Ontario – including drivers crossing provincial borders into Ontario (regardless of where they are plated). The objective is to ensure fair practices for carriers operating in Ontario.
  • Choosing the right ELD – Certification status of an ELD can be determined by searching the list of certified devices on Transport Canada’s website. Information is provided on each the 55 certified ELDs (to date) including vendor name and product model name and number, software name and version, day start time (midnight/variable), certification body name, certification date and certification number etc.
  • Establishment of a Set Fine Schedule – Determined by the Chief Justice of Ontario that will be issued as ELD requirements are enforced and highlight the monetary penalties associated with ELD non-compliance.
  • Training for CVSA Trained Officers – has been taking place over the summer and will continue to take place on a recurring basis.

For full details of the slide presentation provided during the webinar (including information on exemptions from the mandate) click here: OTA Member Webinars-August 2022_public

For the educational pamphlets being handed out at roadside, click here for English and here for French.

For additional details from MTO website on ELDs, click here

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