OTA: Extension of Fuel Tax Relief Welcomed By Ontario’s Supply Chain


The province of Ontario today announced a measure to extend tax relief on diesel fuel until June 2024. At a time when all households and businesses are struggling with inflationary impacts, this announcement was very much welcomed by the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA).

“The announcement to extend fuel tax relief for the trucking industry is a measure that all Ontarians should applaud. Virtually every item or product Ontarians have at home or their places of business was moved by truck. Fuel is typically the second leading cost behind labour for the trucking industry. Keeping fuel costs down, helps fight inflation. OTA applauds the Government of Ontario for its leadership and investment in helping fight inflation,” said OTA President Stephen Laskowski.

Today’s announcement is yet another example of the Ford Government prioritizing the importance of the trucking industry to the economy. Recent actions of support include several infrastructure investment announcements, like the Highway 413 and Morriston bypass; landmark legislation guaranteeing bathroom access for truck drivers; changes to the air-brake retesting program, and the unprecedented funding program for onboarding new truck drivers in Ontario.

OTA looks forward to working with the Government of Ontario to continue making Ontario’s trucking industry a strong, safe, labour-compliant and environmentally responsible sector.

For the Ontario Government’s official announcement, click here.

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