OTA Council Summit: HR Strategy, Marijuana Issues & Fed Labour Program Changes


The People Planning & Development Council at the annual OTA Council Summit on June 20 is a one-stop shop for all your trucking HR and Labour needs.

The council will discuss such topics as the creation of a National HR Strategy for the industry, the legalization of marijuana with a breakdown of Ontario’s zero-tolerance approach for commercial drivers, and will feature the federal Labour Program, which will tell carriers what’s on their agenda for 2018 and 2019.

This Council will feature speakers from: The Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), and Trucking HR Canada.

Trucking HR Canada will be hosting an interactive session to discuss the most pressing HR and recruitment issues facing the industry. Through this session, participants will learn about industry best practices and will also be encouraged to share their insights to help inform the drafting of a National HR Strategy for the industry though the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

With the pending legalization of marijuana, the provincial government is currently in the process of putting in place a number measures to help curb impaired driving. This includes the introduction of a zero-tolerance approach for drugs and alcohol for commercial vehicle drivers. At this session, officials from MTO will walk those in attendance through the province’s new zero-tolerance regime and will provide insights on what this will means for drivers and carriers.

Employment and Social Develop Canada (ESDC) officials will be present to walk participants through multiple changes that are coming to federal labour standards. This includes, the consultations on changes to Part III of the labour code, the introduction of an AMPS regime for Part II and III labour violations, along with recent measure introduced in the federal budget.

Like all participants in concurrent each council session, attendees of the People Planning and Development Council will also be invited to take in the trucking industry outlook panel covering trends in the marketplace impacting carriers. Topics will include, the freight economy landscape, customer supply chain management, labour supply, human resources, among other things.

This afternoon panel will be made up of Bob Costello, VP, American Trucking Association; Noel Perry, principal, Transport Economics, Royce Mendes, senior economist, CIBC; Steve Ondejko, president, Onfreight Logistics; Rob Penner, President & CEO, Bison Transport; Genevieve Gagnon, president XTL Transport; and Ken Rosenau, president Rosenau Transport.

To register for the People Planning & Development Council, or any other council event, click here. (You will need your OTA membership ID)


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