OTA Carrier Feedback Required For Updated CTA’s Infrastructure Report


The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is in the process of updating its infrastructure priorities report. The priorities report is provided to the federal government to identify infrastructure priorities for the trucking industry that have national or regional significance as identified by each of the provincial trucking association in the Alliance.

Used for pre-budget submissions, and industry awareness, the report serves as a guide for areas where federal funding can be directed to support future or ongoing provincial and territorial government initiatives for highway infrastructure across jurisdictions in Canada.

OTA member carriers are encouraged to provide feedback to otaip@ontruck.org before August 1. As with past initiatives, OTA is looking for feedback directly from the carrier membership. OTA encourages adding details outlining where the project is and why it needs attention and why it is important for Canada’s trucking industry and trade from a national / inter-regional / international perspective.

Focus areas in past reports for Ontario have been on highway expansion along the 401 corridor, federal support for Highway 413 and investments in Hwy 11/17, including the need for redundancy at key bridge locations across the north to support the National Highway System.

While individual projects are identified in the report on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis, standing items such as the need for investments in truck parking and rest areas for professional drivers to meet their hours-of-service obligations and the ongoing need for investments in our international borders are also included annually.

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