Online IRP Renewal Options Coming for Carriers

Starting with carriers who have September IRP renewals and going forward, MTO will be offering the option to complete the process online.

The new online options have been in the test phase with several carriers and service providers for the past 8 months and are now ready for wider scale use by the trucking industry. Carriers with September renewals and going forward can expect detailed instructions on how to get set up with the new online options when they receive their IRP renewal packages from MTO. The service will be free, simple, quick and available 24/7 for those interested carriers.  Carriers who still wish to use the existing renewal processes will not be affected and it will be business as usual. Once the renewal portion of the online system is up and running, MTO will be looking to offer additional functionality such as cab card/plate replacement and adding/subtracting vehicles.

MTO’s IRP Program Office will also have a help desk set up for carriers wishing to transition to the new program and OTA will also be offering outreach sessions and training for carriers starting in the late summer.

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