Next Generation Workshop for Emerging Leaders

Building on the success of The Humphrey Group leadership certificate program for the next generation, OTA has partnered with Performance Coaching Inc. to deliver a new workshop at its annual exec conference to complement its leadership development program.

The two-day workshop, titled “Coaching for Challenging Conversations” attempts to harness the positive aspects of conflict while helping emerging leaders keep their emotions under control under intense workplace situations.

The program comprises three elements that incorporate self-awareness, new skills and tools and built-in accountability and support. Participants complete the Thomas Kilman Conflict Management Instrument to better understand their personal tendencies in conflict situations. This self-awareness informs the areas of focus during the workshop.

The workshop guides participants through a comprehensive model for holding effective confronting conversations, beginning with a structure for the conversation itself and then moving into the skills needed to prepare yourself to handle the emotions that inevitably arise.

This workshop is suitable for individuals who have completed the OTA Leadership Certificate Program or taken on a more pronounced leadership role in their organization and would like to enhance their conversational and management skills. It is open to all OTA member and non-member carriers, sponsors and supplier members

The workshop facilitator is Gary Watanabe – lawyer, instructor at Queen’s Smith School of Business, an inspirational speaker who holds a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology.

Performance Coaching Inc. is an organization solely committed to equipping managers and individual contributors with the skills, tools and mindset of world-class coaches. Performance Coaching Inc. was founded by Dr. Peter Jensen.

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