MTO Sunsetting Extensions for Driver Medical Reports Granted at Outset of Pandemic

Information posted to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) website this week signals an end to extensions issued for commercial driver medical reports that were put in place in March of 2020 due to COVID-19. In addition, OTA was contacted by MTO this morning with the following message with respect to outstanding medical reports:

“The Ministry of Transportation has been working with stakeholders on a collaborative plan to end medical due date extensions that were put in place due to COVID-19. These extensions will end October 31, 2021. This means that all commercial drivers who deferred submitting a medical report due to COVID-19 will need to submit their required medical report to avoid having their driver’s licence downgraded or suspended. The ministry will stagger the implementation of deadlines for drivers who have not submitted their medical reports starting November 1, 2021. Drivers who are unsure about the due date of their medical report or require an extension, should contact

For additional information from MTO’s website on how to submit medical reports, please click here.


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