MTO Moves Forward with Enhancements to Oversize/ Overweight Permit Program

OTA has been working closely with the Ministry of Transportation over the past year to spearhead a number of initiatives aimed at streamlining the permitting process for oversized and overweight loads in Ontario. In a letter to OTA, MTO confirmed that beginning today a number of key actions will be implemented which complement other changes that have already been made, including:

  • Changes to the duration of single trip permits from 4 to 7 days.
  • Extend weekend travel to include loads over current annual dimensions (with the exception of superloads).
  • PDF forms that allow tombstone data to be saved, minimizing the administrative burden carriers incur re-entering information.
  • Single Trip Application Forms that are printable and saveable.
  • Return empty permits will now also be issued at the same time as the loaded permit allowing carriers to provide drivers all of the required permits prior to their departure. The Ministry has now established a process to allow both permits to be issued concurrently. Moving forward, carriers wishing to receive these permits together should:

Faxed Applications: Submit loaded and empty applications together. Indicate on loaded application that the return empty application is accompanied and indicate on the empty application the loaded commodity.

PRIO Applications: Provide the return empty application number in the comment field of loaded the application number and conversely, provide the loaded application number in the comment field of the empty application number.

These changes are part of a larger effort to help streamline the permitting process in Ontario with more changes on the way.

“OTA is pleased with these efforts and direction this file is headed. We will continue to work with the Heavy Specialized Division and MTO to identify further efficiencies which can be brought to the program,” said OTA’s Jonathan Blackham, Policy and Government Affairs Assistant.

For complete details of today’s changes please see the attached correspondence. Carriers interested in learning more about the Heavy Specialized Division and the future work plans can email oversize&overweight@

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