MTO Continues Investments into Provincial Truck Parking


The Ontario government announced today it will continue to support and invest in the trucking industry by continuing to make improvements to trucking parking across the province.

“Truck drivers spend long hours moving goods of every type and description on our roadways and we need to ensure they have a modern, safe and welcoming place to stop and rest,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “During the pandemic, our carriers and drivers have been going above and beyond to get essential goods to market and we truly appreciate their effort, especially during this busy holiday season.”

All totalled, the commitments to date by the government include improving 14 existing truck rest areas, building 10 new rest areas and adding 178 additional truck parking spaces at four existing ONroute travel plazas.

“OTA applauds today’s announcement by Minister Mulroney. Combined with earlier projects announced in Northern Ontario, the government of Ontario continues to show its never-ending commitment to assist the trucking industry in addressing important issues like truck rest areas,” said Stephen Laskowski, CEO and president, Ontario Trucking Association.

In addition to the infrastructure improvements, the government and industry have also reaffirmed their respective commitment to raise awareness about human trafficking, which is in-step with Ontario’s Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy.

“OTA members have been assisting law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking through Truckers Against Trafficking,” said Laskowski. “As Minister Mulroney mentioned today in her statement, OTA would also like to recognize the excellent work and leadership by the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada in this area.”

For a complete list of the truck parking enhancements planned by MTO across the province, including six significant projects along the Hwy 401/402 corridors click here.

OTA will continue to work with the team at MTO with respect to additional parking opportunities.

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