MTO Conducting Roadside Data Surveys with Drivers

The Ministry of Transportation will resume data collection for the 2018-23 Commercial Vehicle Survey (CVS) in late May 2023.

The survey will support the Ministry’s understanding of road-related freight to improve the efficient movement of goods across Ontario. The current survey continues the data collection program started in 2018, which was paused in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Ontario’s CVS provides information about the movement of trucks and goods on provincial and municipal infrastructure and has been done approximately every five years since the 1970s. MTO aims to collect approximately 10,000 surveys across the province in 2023, adding to the 12,000 surveys that were collected in 2018 and 2019.

Most surveys will be conducted away from the highway right-of-way and will not constrain traffic flows. The survey will be conducted at truck inspection stations and some lay-bys located on provincial highways only.

The survey will take five to 15 minutes to complete and will collect information about:

  • trip and commodity origin and destination
  • vehicle classification
  • weights and dimensions
  • commodity details, border crossing
  • trip route
  • driver demographics
  • driver experience

MTO uses the information collected to improve our understanding of movement of goods by truck and to support transportation planning, highway safety and policy development.

As part of the work MTO is doing on employment equity, it is also collecting demographic data to better understand the characteristics of the trucking community to help inform future services to this sector.

Commercial trucks are selected at random from the stream of traffic by MTO Transportation Enforcement Officers and asked to participate in the voluntary survey. Drivers who do not want to participate will be released immediately. There is no mechanism to trace the driver to the collected survey data. Drivers will be provided an information card should they request one.

The ministry and the consultant selected to undertake the survey will ensure:

  • the safety of all participants
  • adherence to the survey methodology and collecting data of high quality
  • that delays to commercial vehicle operators are kept to a minimum
  • that all the participants in the survey are treated with respect.
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