Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services Summit & Human Trafficking

The Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services (MCCSS) has provided the MTO with information on a virtual summit that may be of interest to members.

The Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit (Virtual Conference) on May 6 and 7 will bring more than 50 expert speakers who will present the latest research, innovative strategies, and lessons on sexual exploitation that will be helpful to leaders of many sectors in the economy.

The theme for the Summit is “Disrupting Demand”. The focus will be educating and equipping on effective ways to disrupt the demand for purchasing sex in Canada.

Registration for the general conference is free. Pre-recorded Sessions will be released on May 6 and May 7. There will be two live panels; one on May 6 and one on May 7.

In addition, prior to the Summit, on May 4 & 5 there will be three training sessions on human trafficking tailored to law enforcement, transportation and hospitality sectors.

  • • Transportation Sector Training for truck drivers, taxi drivers and bus drivers, will be held on May 5, 2021 – (Free)
  • • Hospitality Industry Training for all hotel staff will be held on May 4, 2021 – (Free)
  • • Law enforcement training for attorneys, judges and police, will be held on May 5, 2021. Open to the public  – (Fee $20)

For more information on the Summit please see :

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