Michigan 53’ Semi-trailer Wheelbase Restrictions Eased


OTA was notified last week by the Michigan State Police that effective May 22, 2018, Michigan will remove minimum and maximum wheelbase limits on standard semi-trailers longer than 50’ as well as on lowboy (float) semi-trailers.

These limits effectively prevented Ontario SPIF #4 (1-3-1 axle configuration) and SPIF #6 (1-4-1 axle configuration) semi-trailers from operating in Michigan at lengths over 50’ as the wheelbase was measured to the centre of the ‘rear axle or rear axle assembly’. The Act amends section 257.719(3)(a) and 257.719(3)(f) of the Michigan Vehicle Code by removing all references to any wheelbase requirements.  The amending Act and revised wording can be viewed at:  2018-PA-0035.pdf

OTA members with questions can email – operations_safety@ontruck.org

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