‘Like’ Truckers’ Efforts to Protect & Serve Canadians During Pandemic: CTA

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is asking the trucking industry and supply chain to join a social media campaign it launched today, highlighting the sector’s extraordinary efforts to keep the economy moving during the COVID-19 crisis while trying to stop the spread of the virus.

Various social media images and messages – available here, for FREE – highlight how the trucking industry and truck drivers, in particular, have gone to great lengths to implement policies and best practices like equipment sanitation, social distancing, wearing masks; as well as promoting self-monitoring, contact tracing and voluntary COVID-19 testing, in order to protect the public and mitigate the spread of the virus while continuing to deliver essential products Canadians need during these unprecedented times.

As a complement to the COVID-prevention messages and an extension of the #thankatrucker campaign, a handful of additional images also underscore how crucial the trucking sector is to the economy and the fabric of a functioning society during difficult times.

“As evidenced throughout parts of the world since the start of the pandemic, there are major events throughout history which can test the fine line between civility and chaos,” says Marco Beghetto, VP, communications, CTA. “I don’t think it’s an overstatement that the trucking industry, as the lifeblood of an economy and essential to the everyday lives of Canadians, answered the call to help reinforce that line.

“The industry and all truck drivers should be proud of their efforts to support and protect Canadians during the last five months,” he said. “I hope the industry, governments and the public can join us in recognizing their commitment and dedication as we diligently pave a road toward the end of this pandemic.”

To download any of CTA’s 14 social media images and messages (available in .jpg and .pdf) to promote on your own social media platforms click here.

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