Laskowski: ‘Where are the regulators?’


Stephen Laskowski, the CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, recently highlighted several fair competitiveness issues at the recent Surface Transportation Summit like carriers who strip trucks of environmental controls, don’t pay their payroll taxes, choose ELDs that can be manipulated, or run their trucks without insurance.

He said he is clearly frustrated by the “small but growing” segment of the trucking industry that is circumventing a series of regulations to gain a business advantage.

“Where are the regulators?” he asked.

He added that governments are not focusing on the issue and there is “a high level of frustration because, within the supply chain, despite mission statements by many Fortune 500 companies.

“Are these companies looking at who’s moving their freight, or are the looking at what is the price of moving the freight?”

Watch Laskowski and other carriers discuss those issues by clicking this Today’s Trucking video.


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