Know a Trucker Worthy of Knighthood? OTA Taking Road Knight Nominations Now


Do you have a safe truck driver in your fleet who exemplifies the highest code of conduct and chivalry on the highway? If so, now is your chance to nominate them for the 2017-2018 OTA Road Knights team.

Hurry, though, the deadline to nominate your Road Knight is only a few months away!

Why should your drivers be Road Knights? Just click here to read about the story of former Road Knight John Lougheed, and what being a Road Knight meant to him. And  meet the 2015-2016 Road Knights team in the video below.

For over twenty years, the Road Knights have been a group of men and women who serve as ambassadors throughout the trucking community. Every so often they get a chance to step out of their cabs to meet with the media, community groups, safety organizations, school kids, and car clubs. They play a key role in enhancing public understanding of how to safely share the road with a truck, the professionalism of truck drivers, the critical role trucking plays in the economy and the numerous careers that the industry offers.

Ontario-based drivers employed by an OTA member carrier, with a first-class driving record, are eligible to be nominated for this prestigious honour.

Current Road Knight Jim Pereira from Onfreight Logistics states that “being a Road has allowed me to get involved in many aspects of the trucking industry.  I have never felt more proud to be a professional truck driver and an industry ambassador then I do as a Road Knight.”

OTA strongly encourages member carriers to reward their top drivers and recognize them within the trucking community. If you know a driver in your ranks who has a solid record of safe driving, passion for the industry and a keen enthusiasm for the job, please consider nominating them today.

OTA will be accepting nominations until Dec. 2, 2016.

For more details of the program and to download a nomination form click here or you can get in touch with Lak Shoan at 416.249.7401 ext. 235 or for more information.

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