As expected, Premier Ford has announced a “State of Emergency” for Ontario. The announcement allows for prohibiting activities that up to now have been suggestions. The key things that the announcement targets;

  • Closure of restaurants and Bars
  • Prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people (includes indoor recreation centres, theatres, and concert venues, libraries, place of worship, etc)

The order DOES NOT yet apply to Public Transit, Malls, Grocery Stores, and pharmacies.

Ford stressed “The vast majority of businesses, including those vital to day-to-day life, will not be affected by this order”.

New Jersey

Carriers and associations raised concerns with CTA on Monday that news reports were stating the State of New Jersey had implemented a curfew for all citizens.  At the time it was thought that truck drivers would be captured by the curfew.  CTA received confirmation this morning from the New Jersey Motor Truck Association that reports of the curfew were only “suggestions floating in the media” and that truck driver were not affected. There are some restrictions on certain businesses remaining open between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., which could have an indirect effect on trucking insofar as it limits delivery hours. There are also some provisions for routing restrictions on an ad hoc, as needed basis. But, the order DOES NOT ban trucks on the roads
Reports from carriers began coming in mid-day on Monday that all truck stops and rest areas in Pennsylvania had been shuttered.  CTA worked with the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association to confirm that only state operated rest area facilities were closed.  All private truck stops and those locations along the PA Turnpike (which are also privately operated) remain open.  The association in Pennsylvania reported they have been working with the Governor’s office to have the state operated facilities reopened but that no time frame had been established as to whether this will take place.

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